20+ Proud Mexican Quotes and Sayings Funny and Serious Collection

It is said to utter few words but words of wisdom which make you count on them and leave a thoughtful impression on the mind, for this Mexican quotes and sayings are playing a powerful and positive role since ages.
People use proud Mexican quotes and sayings to convey any noble view regarding any specific topic. It is an indirect and interesting way to teach one about the real facts of life. Different traditions provoke different quotes and sayings. In this article, we are going to talk about Mexican quotes and sayings. The quotes and sayings categorized according to a requirement of the situation and the topic.

Mexican quotes and saying about Family

Mexican people believe in strong family bonding. They are concerned about their family members. It believed that strong and deep relation with family members make the community united. That’s why they have patriarchal family set-up. The role of their mother, father, brothers, and sisters is well defined to them. It said according to Mexican quote:

If any difficult time comes, it’s family who will support.

Like people die for their community and the integrity, similarly, in Mexican Culture, it is believed that:

Preserve your principle and family.

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Mexican Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational quotes are such words which motivate one to move on in life. As life is not a bed of roses, therefore, one needs to bear all hardships and unfavorable conditions. Mexican people have a history of courage and bravery. They faced many battles and hard phases of life but they determined and dedicated toward their motive.
It is one of the famous sayings;

Even in bad times, we should make a happy face. Be optimistic.

They interested in promoting the good moral values to others. For them behavior matters a lot in all the ways, it is said:

A best gift which one can give is a positive attitude.

Mexican people are early birds. They believe that if anyone wants to be proper that he should be an early bird. It is said in Mexico:

God help that person who wakes up early. Like the Early bird who gets the food.

Mexican people less interested in imposing their thoughts on other. They give equal respect to other views, that’s why another inspirational quote in Mexico is:

One cannot force one way into anything, it same as like one cannot compel one shoe to fit in.

Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes

Funny Mexican quotes

After a tiring and tough day, moments of happiness and joy are an important ingredient of life which takes us to healthy mind and heart. Cracking jokes, teasing each other in a funny way is also a part of Mexicans. Here we collect the funny Mexican quotes that help brings a smile to faces and makes you happy.

Full belly makes happy.

Another funny situation is if a child bothered by someone outside the home and came inside while crying then the reply of a mother is:

I will hit you harder if you came inside the home while crying.

Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes

Mexican Quotes about Love

If anyone has true and sincere love, indeed such person blessed. Mexican people quotes value a lot, the feeling of love. As love connects to the whole community that’s why Mexican people believed:

To be loved is to be intelligent.

Moreover Columbian viewed that true feeling of words cannot forget.

Love is unforgettable.

Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes Mexican Quotes