15+ Scary Quotes About Life to Send your Friends

Are you a fan of horror or being scared? If yes, then this article is definitely going to turn out a good read for you. Quotes play a very important role in the life of a person. These are the quotes about life that can motivate or inspire you as well as can scare you. For that purpose, Scary Quotes about Life is written by the famous people to highlight the scary aspects of life.

These horror quotes bring about shiver and disturbing atmosphere in the life of a person. These dark quotes remind you that there could anytime. That could the last one i.e. they bring with them the thought of death with them. Scary quotes also talk about the unknown and mysterious aspects of life as all these things are scary.

Best Collection of Scary Quotes About Life

Every one of us in our life must have thought about the terrifying side of life. These scary quotes about life not written for the purpose to scare you or other people. They make you get acquainted with the frightening aspects and bitterness of life.

There are a lot of people who cannot think about creepy and scary ideas on their own. For them, scary, funny and creepy quotes and text messages found in a great variety on the Internet.

A smiling face is spying on me from the darkness, behind the window of my bedroom.

He went upstairs to see his baby asleep. The window was open, and the crib empty.

I’ve excellent news and unhealthy information. The excellent news is that quickly we will likely be lifeless.

Last night it took me a very long time to go to sleep due to the gloomy look of the person in that picture.

I discovered an image of me sleeping on my cell phone, but I live alone.

There’s nothing so cute as a child’s smile. Unless it’s 2 in the morning, and live alone.

Scary Quotes about Life

Scary Quotes about Life

Scary Quotes about Life

Best Funny Scary Quotes (New Collection)

Funny Scary Quotes are lighter as compared to the scary quotes as they are funny as well as scary. These dark quotes about life do not bring shivers and make you frightened like the pure horror quotes do. There is a certain element of humor in these quotes to help people see that the only way to not scared of them is by looking at the funny side of them along with the scary one.

  • These horrifying quotes can use to wish your friends a safe night with the message that they don’t get acquainted with the ghosts at night.
  • In this way, the quote seems frightening as well as contains an element of humor in it.
  • Funny and scary quotes are popular among kids because they are not brave enough to connect to horrible thoughts so adding a bit of fun to that can work as a great idea for them.

Scary Quotes about Life

Scary Quotes about Life

Scary Quotes about Life

Short Creepy Quotes and Text Messages

Short Creepy quotes text messages can be a great way of giving you chills and keeping you from closing your eyes at night. These can be the terrifying quotes sent in the form of text messages to create a frightening effect and give you goose-bumps when you receive them.

  • The creepy text messages can copy from the quotes of famous personalities, movie scripts, literature and other casual conversations.
  • Sending such creepy messages at night can be a great idea if you want to make shivers run up and down your spine and keep your friends or relatives awake at night.
  • These horror text messages can send to your friends, family or relatives on specific occasions like that of Halloween also.
  • You can send these scary messages to your loved ones through simple text messages or through multimedia messages.

Scary Quotes about Life